Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Things I proper wish I was doing volume three.

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What I'm currently doing: Planning to become a WAG (Lend me your Juicy anyone?), talking about rude boys with red-eye in stolen whips that end every sentence with the word "still", promoting hustling on the streets and prostitution, advising everyone not to stay in school and not go to Uni, sending gay emails, listening to Cat Stevens, drinking the world's strongest coffee, planning my pregnancy by an MC, stalking Collie Buddz and finding ways we can get him on the blog, trying to find all the slags that Collie Buddz has touched and eradicate them from the face of the Earth, discussing rum shots, wallowing in my lack of responsibility, thinking of ways to accidentally rob a bank, tweeting profanities and other such good things in life.

What I'd rather be doing: Nothing hactually.

1 comment:

  1. Plan goes as follows: do Ronaldo and force him into a vegas Britney esque wedding with none of the pre-nup mess for the 80 million then leave him and find Collie where we'll all service his each and every need with more than enough P to buy all the chicken and grime in the world... Camelhoof world domination.

    My scruples ran out of the window when Jobless became part of my title after dropping the LLB... University of Hull law school can suck it.