Wednesday, 17 June 2009

All the Buddz our pums desire

Ok so a MASSIVE progression has been made on the getting-to-sex-up-and-interview-Collie-Buddz front.

Twitter, god love it, allowed us to get in touch with DJ Genie - who just HAPPENS to be the sexlord that is Collie's DJ.

We did it a little something like this... (Imagine a 'RUN DMC ' soundtrack here if you will...)

US: OI GENIE BLUD, we rly rly rly want to meet up with Collie Buddz so that we can show him how buff we are and ting. Can you have him holla at us.
HIM: I'll see what I can do.
HIM: (Tweets) "Shout out to my UK ladies @FuchsiaStiletto @LoukiaC @Bwalya_ they go hard! lol" (I'm not sure why he lol'd as we clearly do go as hard as something very hard, like a stone surface)
Plus then @DJYASMIN backed us to the FULLHEST - "tell @DjGenie if he doesn't let the Pum Tang Clan interview @colliebudz I'll challenge him to a spin off and end his career."

Ooh Yasmin, girl you bad - good-bad like Christina A in that hot video where she looks like a hot little puerto rican tramp.
But in conclusion - for bringing us one step closer to our goal..........
Pum Tang Ladies heart DJ GENIE - I.D.S.T.4.E.M


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  1. 'she looks like a hot little puerto rican tramp.'


    Sidebar: NINTENDO Wii MAN UP!

    Not even a blog roll? Jinz