Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Things I proper wish I was doing Vol. 2

Dear Collie,

From the Pum Tang Clan I'd like to just say babez we love you... one if not all of us would be more than happy to walk around your yard bare feet in a moo moo heavily pregnant with your child.

You are the light of our life and you can give us all the green you like to shot for you... we'll grind in your videos and cut any bitches that try to take you from us. We urgently beseech your twitter attention so you can realise just how endearing and fucking awesome our vagetastic camel hoof movement really is.

Please be our baby daddy, invite us to Bermuda to jam with you then serenade us with your sweet sweet dancehall flavour.

Love PTC

1 comment:

  1. Its not even a joke ting. I NEED his cock/baby/love/attention.