Monday, 15 June 2009


Cool, so yeah, we've seen her desperate attempt for album sales including the above haircut and the 'unfortunate' (and not at all contrived) photos of her Party Pieces being leaked. Popular (to some) American TV personality La La Vasquez has now jumped on the bandwagon and shaved half of her empty dome too.

She posts on her twitter that Cassie started "The Movement" (The Movement being the side-shave) and she has done a "La La Remix".

*Cue all trendy Shoreditch gals who've been rocking the side shave since morning to be riddled with anger at this statement*

Don't worry trendy ladies, I know you lot started it, I've got your back, but it begs the question, what next hairstyle should our trendy british ladies rock before it gets stolen by an untalented american fuckwit desperate for some kind of niche to make themselves relevant?

Well I've taken it upon myself to bring some slept on styles to the table.

1. The Mullet

Can't say I'm not surprised that someone hasn't picked up on this one yet.

2. Vivienne Westwood's Colour Job

You can't really get more british that Auntie Viv. I'd love to see that wastegirl Cassie try and pull off bright ginge.

3. Ashanti's sideburns

My personal favourite.
This style is perfect for girls who are low maintenance and/or a tad hairy. If unfortunately you don't have incessant hairgrowth on your face, this style can be easily recreated by using an eyebrow pencil to create the illusion of shadowed stubble in the sideburn region.
(monobrow optional)


  1. I prefer the Salvador Dali or 118 look myself.

    Poor Cassie. Musically she'll never be relevant again, but at least she kicked off a new hair craze. Jennifer Aniston based her whole career on her hair - maybe there's hope for Cass yet!

  2. POW! Ace post! Cassie is biting Kesh's steez...I think the 'leaked' clunge pictures were enough in the way of desperate publicity stunts. Shoulda left the hair alone.