Thursday, 13 January 2011



You have now given me THREE stretchmarks, you seem to think its fine to constantly kick/elbow me in the ribs and sometimes drop kick me in my fanny, I can't eat more than a fist sized amount of anything.

I tried to have sex last night to shift you and it was hideously degrading - I was rolling around groaning like a naked, shaved hippo. Well actually not shaved - like a hairy hippo. I haven't seen my vag in weeks, god knows what is going on down there.

Plus, if you stay in any longer I will have to go to prison for murdering firstly your stupid, unsympathetic father and then every single person who looks directly at my bump and says 'NO BABY YET THEN' - WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU STUPID CUNT!?? NO, NO BABY'

And then you'll be left to the social services and you'll probably grow up to be a drug dealer or prostitute.

So I suggest, for your own good, you GET OUT.