Monday, 25 January 2010

Ginger fanny magnets

Its official, FUCK a yardie dancehall artist or a durrrty south rapper IT HAS TO BE GINGER.

It all started with Bradley from Eastenders.

He's the frikkin cutest and I like to think he'd get those cute little red cheeks when I put the slow whine on him.

Then came Jamie Howard.

I would do some seriously rude things to this guy. He's funny, ginger, a lickle bit ghetto and he have lips for lipsssiiinnggg. I found it hard to find the right picture - THERE ARE THAT MANY PENG ONES.

I'm pissed that everyone seems to have caught on, I don't want to share my stick of delicious ginger candy with these hoes!


My latest and greatest love.


HE HAS A GINGER AFRO FOR JAH'S SAKE! And he slyly looks like Justin from Hollyoaks.

I forced him to send me some topless pics this morning but OBVS I can't share - this ginger fro is all mine bitches!



Wednesday, 6 January 2010

20,000th post ah gwan

I have made 20,000 posts on TWITTER.



That is alot of frikkin tweeting.

Thanks to erryone who made it possible - PTC, AW4sum loves yaaaaa xx

So, this is generally what I tweet about.

I heart that heart is top!

Fallah meh @FuchsiaStiletto