Thursday, 22 October 2009






He is touching my heart in a way usually reserved for my PTC massive and rooodeboyz in string vests for these following reasons.

  • He films fit rappers/emcee's and brings them to one sex'd up location pon my screen

Click here to see video's of fit emcee's

  • He is on twitta even more than me


  • He is fully down with the PTC

  • He's made some FIT t-shirts (which would look infinately better on my bedroom floor Junior, hallah)


  • He has good hair

So. PTC&SBTV - I think the only thing left to do is a collab really! So, erm...... you should come to Yaz's night on the 1st and film some hoof


"Erin, why do you always go to 'Black clubs'?"

Anybody pon class a's - tek weh yuself!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

PumTang Parttttaaaayyyy!!!

If you want to party with the PumTang ladies then please mark the **1st November** in ya BB or iphone or diary or whatever you use to kee ya life in check.

Because our very own resident PTC DJ Yasmin is having her very own hoofilicious night! (Ang on a minute - she sooooo should have caled it that!!!)

Also playing and wearing wetlook leggings (she hasn't told them that yet... shushhhh) will be MR THING (DMC Champ / Extended Players) and MAGDI FERNANDESHIP

Music will be a load of fit shit to bring all the boys to the yard so we can shake our hooves in some crutches - HipHop, R&B, Old School and that....

ENTRY is 100% FREE!!!!!! Which means ya have more money to hunt down a PTC member and buy her a dark rum :)

Dress Code is obvs leggings, string vests and low batty jeans but failing that - wear whatever the rarse-ole you want!!

Ermmm... halla at Yas with any questions pon di twttah >> @DJYASMIN




Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Let me play with your hair?!

I'd like to share with you my favouritest milky love god of all time, after Collie Buddz obvs.

Now I love mc's - I love Grimey lyrics - it stands to reason that two mc's battling it out lyrically in a basement surrounded by other mc's is enough to get me slick in ma panties.

And that's how I first discovered the sex appeal of Scratchy.

With his bed-head hair, heroin chic cheek bones and off the wall style - he was BEAUTIFUL.

I loved him even more when Roll Deep took over RWD Mag and he did an article on his different hairstyles. SWOON.

Scratchy, I quite wanna do some sex with you so holla - that is, as long as you don't smell - I worry you look as if you might :(

Forever Yours