Thursday, 22 July 2010


OK so basically, I like to take bananas to work for my breakfast. Yes, I'm sorry, I'm one of them! But no matter how hard I try to make it look like I'm just eating a yummy, healthy snack I always get stared at, and - as it appears to me - accused of committing a gross social indecency.

It's interesting to think that a food can have such stigma attached to it. A banana is unlike smelly hot food that can bother people nearby with it's odour. This is a fruit, and because of it's shape and size, is discriminated against - believed to only be eaten in private, or sliced up.
Not that I'm trying to preach banana rights, or start campaigning against produce-discrimination. I just want to put it out there that I DON'T FELLATE THE FUCKING THING.

Whether I'm eating it in a normally, aggressively, busily, in small mouthfuls, or in a bored, innocent 'good girl' fashion (I must admit this gets the most stares from men), I still get looked at like I'm a pervert. Particularly by mothers with small children, usually while they're sheltering them and hurrying out of the café.

Whatever, I can't win. If I didn't enjoy the spectrum of social awkwardness prompted by me eating a simple bloody piece of fruit, then I wouldn't still be doing it. Instead, I would probably eat it in the privacy of my home, and walk out minutes afterwards looking disheveled, with a shiny blob of banana purée on my chin.

Fuck 'em.

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