Friday, 4 June 2010

My Little Pony


It's the new in-ting.

They spunk glittery Dior lipgloss, fart sequins and piss rainbows - if you need proof;

I'm obsessed with the idea of one alternately screwing me with his ribbed-for-her-pleasure horn and his cool, smooth man/horse peen.

Look at his tight little batty! It's like Applejack turned up at a school reunion with prison tattoo's and a gold tooth. *SWOON*

This guy is next level, I can almost imagine him drumming his little pink hooves on my shoulders and leaving me, sore, satisfied and with a vag full of glitter glue.

Obviously, this fit fuck would still get it but to be honest - I'd be fantasising about a horn the whole time :(

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