Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Oh Hai Bloggy - wha gwan?!

So basikaalllyy, I’ve been neglecting my poor little bloggy. It’s the Gareth Gates of the blog world, left in a corner stuttering and crying.

Suh mi back, mi back, mi back.

A catch up on my life for you all;

  • I had to move out of my flat cah stooopid landlord wanted it back for his daughter. I tell you, that bitch is getting my daily morning steamer through her letterbox.

  • I had to scrap my car - I’d been driving it round like a goonbag with no insurance, MOT, tax for 3 months and while it did make me feel like a naughty badgal and encourage me to touch myself, I don’t really fancy the thought of prison with no cockie. I took it to the scrap metal place and they gave me £124 for it! WHOOP. I bought a Fiatrarri – its BADDAMAN, the clock only goes up to 120mph but it has electric windows and little Ferrari like badges on the seats. SICKTINGS.

Plus I get to shout ‘BUS WANKERS’ at people.

  • I’m moving to the fucking big smoke. I’m literally so excited I can’t type properlike. I need a job first though – anyone need a lazy, Jafakian slut to shuffle paper of something? Hollllaaaa

  • Oh and GIGGS is following me on Twitter. My life is pretty much complete now. I just need his permission to call him Giggidy-Giggidy and I’ll start on the Family Guy photoshops. WIN.


*I’m stroking my batty on your crotch*

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