Wednesday, 24 March 2010

They call me James Blunt, they call me PumPum.....

Not only is this URL sicker than the fact that I've wanked over Peter Beale but it contains the best list EVAH produced.

These people made chicks tell them what they call their pum -some of them are fucking HILARIOUS!

Go there and read them and that but these are my personal faves.

• Barak obama
The downtown dining and entertainment district
• Lickety split
• Ethel
• Velvet underground
Penis flytrap
• Clunge
• Tally hole!
• Pikachu
• Furbelow
• John
• The jam factory
• Party ring
Scrambled eggs between the legs
• Fairy penguin
• Madge the vag
• Bumbaclart
• Velvet thigh purse
• My precious
• Lickity-split
• My full english breakfast
• Pumpum
• Ninja turtle
• Me bits
• James blunt
• Hotbox
• Big pimpin
• The box office
• Princess consuela bananahamock
• Flappy falafel
• Cameltoe!

hahahhah I love my pum - do you?