Friday, 5 March 2010

PTC Meets >>> Mr Junior Spesh aka Terra!

Chicken and rudeboys are basically my two favourite things so I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a bunch of rudeboys, in a chicken shop mc’ing about chicken on Channel 4!!!

AND they even mentioned my fave condiment – mayo!

(no sexual connotations – mi nuh deal with dat) SWWWOOONNN

Meet TERRA – one part of the crew ‘Red Hot Entertainment’ and creators of the most sexual tune ‘JUNIOR SPESH’!

(I’m totally determined to make it through this interview without taking about sex.)


If KFC wanted you to do them a tune, but you had to dress up in a chicken suit BUT you got paid £10k to do it - would you?

Without a doubt In my mind! I would even dress up twice if I had to for that money lol

Leg or breast? ;)


I’ve failed already – I’m totally flaunting my double d’s!

Junior Spesh should totally do a 'Happy Meal 'ting and include a toy - what'dy reckon? Packet of rizzla?

Lol Um, yeah I suppose so – buy a JUNIOR SPESH and get the MP3 free?? <>I’m in marketing for a reason – great ideas like these don’t come around everyday > chicken shop man, hallah at meh.

Do you get free Junior Spesh meals now you gave them all this promo? You totally should!

Yeah occasionally I do, sometimes I feel like paying him though, I mean business is business but if im in a rush I just leave when he gives me the food, he doesn’t mind. None of the workers there mind, on the day of the video shoot he gave out about 10 of them for free for the extra’s etc. It was crazy. I guess he appreciates! I don’t expect a free meal when im there though lol I just courtesy of them, I respect.

Awww, that’s cute. If I got free chicken I’d be huge. That that half ton mum ting on tv where she looked like a puddle of person.

OMG I forgot, I saw you on Rude Tube! That's sick!

Lol yeah that came about a while ago before it was aired on Channel 4/E4 , they hollad asking if we would give them quick talk on the whole thing and ofcourse we said yeah. The interview was roughly 30 minutes long and you only saw what? 2 minutes of it lol no worries much love to channel 4!

Maybe the rest was too rude for rude tube!? *mind wanders*

Haha You could say that *winks*

Shit, was I thinking out loud?

So what are you working on now? If it helps I'm very partial to a curry - ever considered going Bollywood?

Me, myself as a solo artist im working on a whole bunch of stuff, my mixtape is out in July. Im gonna release that digitally on iTunes, few online places and ill try for a few stores so its looking good. I have some collaborations also with artists I wont say the name for just yet lol. But Ill give YOU an exclusive when its all good to go, definitely. As far as RED HOT ENTERTAINEMTN go we ware doing A LOT. Our music video “LLL” is on TV screens this april so look out for that. And in terms of more food song, I couldn’t tell you lol Bollywood? – nope.

There go my dreams of appearing in the video in a red/gold/green sari and smearing myself in korma

Lol you are crazy, you never know what the future holds.

I looked up 'Junior Spesh' on the tinternet and it said it can also be a name for an underage hottie - have you heard that before? It make me laugh, still.

Lol nah I actually haven’t but you know what ive seen? There is an online ‘Urban Dictionary’ and somehow “junior spesh” is included. Who ever done that is a joker lol, made me laugh.

That’s where I saw it! The top result was you and then I saw the underage ting! I love it.

I love chicken and I love a good daggering - I've been debating mixing the two. Do you reckon food in bed - in particular chicken - is sexy or wrong?

Lol sex, then food definitely. Chicken would go down! Imagine getting pounded eating a hot wing? LOL classic but ill keep it clean.

I don’t eat meat off the bone – but I’d love a lickle slow whine and a crispy strip. Ya gets meh?

“Crispy strip” I love the irony lol!

Your tune 'Sexy Teacher' - is it real? Did you never try and do her in the art supplies cupboard?

Lol no, no I never attempted anything like that! That song is very true though! A friend of mine who is also an artist in Red Hot Entertainment, “KEE” was involved in a little something with me back in school lol. Nothing major I just love this one teacher Miss Primera (hope she sees this haha), very sexy. So thinking back made me write that, planning the video for that this year also if things go well!

Teacher/Student is my fave game – I did tweet Justin Beiber the other day asking him to play with me but he didn’t reply. Mean kid.


OMG it turns out chicken and emcees really IS a glorious combo.

And for that, Terra, I’ll always be your number one fan


Terra >> Thank you! Much love to you and everyone supporting!

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