Friday, 26 March 2010

Party like my chica ROXSTARRRR!

If you live under a rock or in Hertfordshire (like moi) you may NOT have heard of RoxXxan.

If that's the case - SLAP YO SELF.

She's sick and she can par with the big boys. I first heard her spit at a Chockablock with P-Money and she totally held her own.

I'm gonna try and get her to do a lickle Hoof interview soon - she totally embodies all we PTC love - looking hot and talking grimey!

In the meantime go here >>> and listen for yourself.

Oh and join the group on Facebook for updates and videeeooos. Just search 'RoxXxan'.

Blad - we salute you!


1 comment:

  1., you is funny omg, hurry and come to london, lets party and bullshit