Monday, 25 January 2010

Ginger fanny magnets

Its official, FUCK a yardie dancehall artist or a durrrty south rapper IT HAS TO BE GINGER.

It all started with Bradley from Eastenders.

He's the frikkin cutest and I like to think he'd get those cute little red cheeks when I put the slow whine on him.

Then came Jamie Howard.

I would do some seriously rude things to this guy. He's funny, ginger, a lickle bit ghetto and he have lips for lipsssiiinnggg. I found it hard to find the right picture - THERE ARE THAT MANY PENG ONES.

I'm pissed that everyone seems to have caught on, I don't want to share my stick of delicious ginger candy with these hoes!


My latest and greatest love.


HE HAS A GINGER AFRO FOR JAH'S SAKE! And he slyly looks like Justin from Hollyoaks.

I forced him to send me some topless pics this morning but OBVS I can't share - this ginger fro is all mine bitches!




  1. ... Love it! There are definately some CHOONTING BOOMTING ginger headed men out there!!!!

  2. Jamie Howard is not ginger! He's blonde lol

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