Wednesday, 23 December 2009

SANTA BABY - DJ Cable ft Awsome Foursome

So, I'm gonna be a bashment star :)


The very, very lovely @DJCable remixed the classic 'Santa Baby' for us!

He made it Bashment and bare sexy.
Download it right ere>>>
And VOTE FOR HIM IN THE NGDJ Comp - If you came to Bad Intentions you know about his sets. "IT'S ALOT, IT'S ALOT"

Sorry - I got sidetracked - the Awsome Foursome are gonna feature on it - rapping about boys and sex and shoes and how cool and fit we are. You know the AW4, right?! If not - go ere and Louks will tell you >>
So I did a CD cover

And we're gonna shoot a video - its gonna be bare sexy - santa outfits, roodeboys covered in oil.
I'm so annoyed we missed the Christmas number 1 though :(
Next year...

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