Wednesday, 25 November 2009


If there was EVAH one person who personifies everything PTC find frap worthy it is the hwat boy SHIZZLE.

He does grime (swoon), he does Dancehall (double swoon) he has a gold tooth, he’s Jamaican AND he did a tune about PUM PUM SHORTS!

Sooo when I heard he was performing at Hardknock a few weeks ago I was pisssed I couldn’t make it :(


Not all was lost as I found the perfect medium to try and seduce him 1-on-1 – INTERVIEW!

Hopefully the first in a long line of PTC Meets……

PTC MEETS (aka tries to do sex with) Shizzle

1) Where have you beeeennnnnnn? We missed you! What's been going on?

Well I had to take a lil time away from the music scene as it was getting really hard to balance my personal life with being really bait. I started running into more negative rather than positive situations and before I found myself in too deep I took a step back and made time to put a lot of thought into my plans for the future and if music and all that comes with it was worth my time.

2) And are you back for good now? Don't break our hearts by leaving us again!

I am back bigger and better than ever, ready to take on any challenges thrown at me.. I honestly feel that I've made a transformation for the better because I've always had more to offer but never got the chance to show it in grime due to the restrictions (tempo wise) but now am gonna be touching dance hall also so stay tuned.. Ps. I'll leave the heart breaking to Will-I-am, Shiz is here for as long as the supporters are willing to put up with me.

3) I know you performed @ Hard knock the other week (totally sad I missed the rapeage opportunity!) - How was it being on the stage again?!

I enjoyed every minute of it, the crowd stayed tuned through out so I knew we were keeping them interested. I love to perform and to have a receptive crowd is such a bonus so yeah you missed out on a great night but there's always a next time.

4) We LOOOVVVEEE PumPum Shorts - the favoured item of clothing for the PTC - do you love girls in PPS? Is that why you wrote a tune about them?

Really glad you liked it but unfortunately I cannot take the credit for that track being created because I was just the feature on that one. Discreet suggested that she'd like to do a lil remix of 'Ramping Shop' and the best person to bring the yard style with the right lyrics was me so I got the phone call. I love to see females in PPS, so much I cannot even word it.... Hhytrfreruiioilohgd gguyui

[Hmmm I begin mentally choosing some PPS for Shizzle’s next performance]

5) Lets talk about Camel toe - if you see a girl in her shorts and there is a bit of hoofage - does it turn you on or put you off?

Any man that is turned off by this has definitely gotta get themselves checked, I won't go in too deep but let's just leave it as "nar, it’s definitely NOT a turn off"

[He loves PPS AND Camelhoof – WIN, WIN, WIN]

6) PTC are totally intrigued about your lyric 'Mi buddy thicker dan mi calf' - is this true?! *swoon*

Haha, let's just call that line a lil exaggerated BUT like the song says "I am blesssss... I am blesssss, everyday of my life I am blesssss"

[Praise jah!]

7) We love your lips - (and gold tooth and hot accent) - are you on a lipsing ting?

;) Aww, thank you... * hey mum, thanks (if only you knew what you were creating) lol *. I think lipsing is really quite passionate regardless how sloppy it is, passion isn't something I personally think should be shared with just anyone (but if you meet the criteria, here comes the passion)

[At this point I’m left unable to ask any further questions as my mind has gone off into full on fantasy mode….the lips, the lips….]

You can listen to and watch Shizzle being buff and talented at

In particular check out ‘Uhrah’ and ‘The Greatest’ – my faves.


I’m more than a little in lovvveeeeee



  1. Loving this!

    You should do more interviews, hilarious as ever Fuchsia!

  2. a fine, fine interview. do more! now!


  4. Awww How Hot is SHIZZLE.....I'm going back to our Saturday morning chat!!!!! ERIN---- THE SHIZZ MISTER IS SOOO HOT...OHMYGOSH I LOVE SHIZZLE!!!

  5. Innit Therryi! And he's actually lovely too - and artistic and clever. And he's 'BLESSSSSS'


  6. AHAHAHA Great interview Erin! So unprofessional, frequently suggestive, and often threatening of rapeage. You star xxxxx
    PS: We need him to prove he is bless! WITH PHOTOGRAPHIC AND/OR VIDEO EVIDENCE. Or both? It is Christmas time after all... <3

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