Friday, 13 November 2009

Anons Make the World go Round


"bollox... how much hating on tha girl, how i see it, u cant hate her that much, cuz uve took time out to blog about her, soooo instead of beggin blogpost views by even mentioning her name, i say u go find sumfin else 2blog about u bunch of twats.. i mean, do any of u even have a career, a day job, 9 - 5 .. anything that doesnt revolve around this bullshit blog site? how ridiculous really.. an bout u run tings, lmfaooo which fuckin part.. always gonna be low level, BLOGPOST, bullshitting CRAP... so blog about that bithces"

So basically AHHHH AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for stopping by, taking some time out and having a read, god I love anons.

Please continue to vent as I love it when we cause offence.

PTC & HOSTILE ANONS- (don't feel left out those with premature menopause) FO LIFE. x

1 comment:

  1. INNIT BUBZ!!!

    PTC causing some dramas.