Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Yo, ho...HOE

What's dark and smooth and makes you wet?

What can't you get enough of going down your neck?

What gets you excited and then takes you to bed?


Ok, so the PTC like a lot of things...

You know we like Mr. Buddz, rubbing our Vajayjays on any man with a riddim and wearing enough realfakegold to make Captain Jack Sparrow (swoooon) come 'a knockin'


There is one thing that we would gladly give it all up for.

That's right...

A bold serving of dark rum with coke and a couple of lime wedges = sex (quite literally sometimes ;)

This wonderful elixir is responsible for turning this:

Into this:

Magic, huh?

Rum is always the tipple of choice, I mean.. it makes you feel sexier, tastes like heaven AND guarantees you a good night's sleep. Who needs a boyfriend with rum around?

So yeah, I'm dedicating this post to the wonder of rum...without you our lives would be considerably less sexy (and considerably more celibate)

We love you because you love us more.