Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Romance Fi Real

I'm in love, again.

Or is it lust?

So I watched 'True Romance' again last nigth and forgot what a muther fucking badddddda'OOMAN this chick is....

  • Reasons why-

She dresses in HWAT clothes

She has platinum blonde hair - anyone that can pull this off is heartable.

She has sex in a phone box

She laughs at the gangster tryiong to kill her, takes a serious beating and then MURKS HIM OFF with a corkscrew.

She has a FIT tattoo (which I want by the way - replace 'TRUE ROMANCE' with 'FUCK ROMANCE, GIMME HEAD')

She was a prossie 4 times then turned wifey - fair play gyally.

She is more than a little nuts!

She calls her kid Elvis.

I want to be her, arrange it pls God.

Safe blud


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