Monday, 7 September 2009

Ansah me dat.

5 questions, put out pon my Twitter. Best answers are below. I basikally LOVE most of them.

1) Hoof or Cleavage and why?

tonyblk@FuchsiaStiletto Hoof! Who doesnt prefer hoof? What Pleasure does cleavage give you really? Do i look like i wanna stare. I like a nice, warm, moist enviroment! Not feeling the residue though, especially when it dries....llow me (In depth, I like!)

PrinnyAurora @FuchsiaStiletto Cleavage. Mine are 32GG. (Wooooyyyy, jealous, much?!) No other explanation needed. Thanks. X

Kambo@FuchsiaStiletto has to be both, lubed hoof and pendulous sweaty dooos!

2) Tune to get your dagger on to?

tonyblk @FuchsiaStiletto Eskimo, infact any Grime tune. Why? cos i can release that aggressive side. them abusive ones there! Show me a woman who doesnt like a gun finger, and I'll show you a liar! (Swoon, literally fucking swoon. I'm bolding AND italicizing this one. I heart you Tony)

Kambo@FuchsiaStiletto hanson mmm bop. I fuckkng love blondes

Iamdjb @FuchsiaStiletto 2)Bonnie Tyler Total eclipse of the heart Get our slow Dagger on

MzLamara@FuchsiaStiletto I would happily get dagger 2 this tune the lyrics say it all & the beat is sweet

hannarnia@FuchsiaStiletto n e bashment tune to get boned 2 lol

3) Bestest Chicken?

Kambo@FuchsiaStiletto the colonel sanders, spicy stylee

apparentlyrich@FuchsiaStiletto 3. My Aunt's Jerk - nuff said. Then Popeyes. KFC comes a very close third.

PrinnyAurora @FuchsiaStiletto KFC...and my mum.

tonyblk @FuchsiaStiletto Morleys, quick ting, eat the wings n shullup, i aint taking you to grandma's. are you MWAD?

MzLamara@FuchsiaStiletto Gyal needs to pop down to 'TakeTwo' for some Jerk chicken.... that chicken will put fire in yuh belly & love inna ya soul!

4) If you had to buy me a present to get at the hoof, what would it be?

GarBelle@fuchsiastiletto to get into it - a new fur! (I LOOOVVVE fur, fuck animals. I need your coat to look buffting so DIE)

apparentlyrich@FuchsiaStiletto 4. Most likely a very expensive bottle of bubbly but if we're going all out for it, maybe a diamond necklace. (Nice, but give me Wray&Nephews anyday!)

insy09@FuchsiaStiletto whizz candy that crackles in your mouth (Could pop that in my hoof?!)

Kambo@FuchsiaStiletto scarf soaked in chloroform (Works everytime! Personal fave)

MzLamara@FuchsiaStiletto To get in2 your hoof (no homo). I'd get you a years subscription to 'RudeBwoyz R' US'. Anyway u want them, u can have them! (Now THIS is more like it. Roooodeboys on demand?! WIN)

PrinnyAurora @FuchsiaStiletto A dildo smothered in crystals that smelt of KFC and sang Jamaican love songs to you in a Yardy accent...OBVS (Now THIS is a girl that really knows me. Careful attention to detail)

Iamdjb @FuchsiaStiletto 4) rohyphnol

5) You’re starting a fashion label, what do you call it?

PrinnyAurora @FuchsiaStiletto "Look at my tits, they're real. Also look at my arse, it's cracking". Would be known as LAMTTR - ALAMAIC. RRP for all - £3 (I would actually rock this label all day long, plus star in the adverts)

tonyblk@FuchsiaStiletto Fashion? awah you tek me for? last thing i wanna be doing is giving you clothes. KMT. (Sorry, wasn't listening. You had me at 'Awah you tek...' <3)

MzLamara@FuchsiaStiletto Fashion label... 'Daggerus'. the fashion line that says... When straight jooking is not enough... come fi di dagger! (Slogan is feckin brilliant)

apparentlyrich@FuchsiaStiletto 5. Big Squirrell clothing - that's trademarked btw.

Kambo@FuchsiaStiletto hoof hat deluxe

GarBelle@fuchsiastiletto Hoof Couture - made tight round the crotch for extra hoofage! (WIN, WIN, WIN!)

In conclusion -

You're all bufftings but my love PrinnyAurora gets first choice of my hoof. How do you feel girl?!

PrinnyAurora @FuchsiaStiletto WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cheers. I'd like to thank my mum, dad, brother, Jesus, God, My producer, my bra...

Oh and PTC we need to put our logo to some of these clothing ideas!



  1. Puuuuuuuuulllllllllll uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

    (It's me again btw I'm too lazy to log in) Blogz.

  2. Tanks Ben, big up your pedantic chest.

    Mwahmerlade all over your face Blogz, love ya.