Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Other way into our Bosom

An Oldie but I think you definitely agree it's A GOODY... The original video's track suits the grinding time to a T but with well over a million hits the record company got all legal and removed the music... So this current track that's been used to replace it is a tad gash but, I have a feeling you won't mind ;).

EVERY TIME I watch this my mouth drops literally WHERE IS THIS MAN!? How the fuck is he this good!? Who taught him!? Is there some sort of school men can enroll in for this!?

Anyhow having calmed down, finished watching the video and refocused I want to make a proposition for all you guys who may be feeling a lil left out or intimidated... we are after all women that know exactly what we want from our career's, from our music, relationships... in our men.

So you're not a rapper, you can't MC for shit, you're not Collie Buddz, you don't have a insane amount of P... there is another way to find yourself in the bosom of PTC... DO THAT. EXACTLY THAT. Don't cut any shit out, don't try improving it as I doubt it can be improved any more... just do that.

Thanks, I'm off to watch it again.



  1. Oh my fucking days. Basically.

  2. 2 things.

    1. He is sadly blates gay.
    2. The song sounds like it says "get you through your ducky sours"

  3. The original tune to this was Keith Sweat - Nobody. Some chump replaced the tune.

    no homo for knowing the original.