Tuesday, 25 August 2009

As Carnival Weekend approaches it's time for us to practice shaking our batties

Who knows about Andressa Soares?

If you're a man that loves big bums then no doubt you will have seen her work. She's basically this Brazilian woman with a GIANT back off - probably bigger than if you were to join the back offs of the entire PTC. When my friend (a man with a dick and and a love for a girl with a gargantuan gluteus maximus) showed me this video, I was like "MOTHER FUCKING WOAH".

You know when Ice-Cube goes "I've got dick for days, you got ass for weeks..." Well she's got ass for fucking decades. Now over here at Camel hoof we do love our vaginas (no homo) but we also love to shake our rump (preferably in the crotch of a rapper/emcee/rudeboy/buffting) and try and do things with our bums that you only see in the videos.

In light of Carnival approaching and in light of the fact that most of us plan on drinking rum till we bleed and allowing our derrieres to be taken advantage of by any willing and able man dem who know how to grind a girl down to the very core of the earth, I think us ladies need to get some tips from the Andressa herself. Here she is in action:

Personally I plan on learning that entire routine and doing it to every song I hear. I propose we all learn it and where possible, stand against a wall in a line and do it all at the same time. So gentlemen if you wanna get down with PTC make sure your crotches are clean and available for you to force them into us from behind when we least expect it but most want it - basically most of the time.

Right I'm off to practice.