Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Now we're not about gunning other women over here at Camel Hoof but fuck you if we can't change the rules once in awhile? Case and point Zoe cunting Griffin. If you're about involuntarily vomiting and reading about important culutral events such as 'Lady Gaga goes to Superdrug to pick up some Canesten combi' or 'Justin Timberlake sneezes' then please do check out her steaming faeces heap of a blog here

If however you're not a fan of vacuous, sycophantic (my word of the month yo) BORING, poorly written, Perez Hilton wanna-fuckin-be, mindless pap then steer clear. She is proper blog cancer. I mean...

"I am the UK’s coolest party girl. I only go to the best parties and I am at the heart of the action when I’m there. I don’t get starstruck by celebrities because I’ve met all of the biggest stars already."

Oh we're so impressed should've stayed and admirably rotted to death at The Mirror rather than pursuing a career as an official ass licker. Fall back bitch.


  1. even in America we hate her.

    big ups though, i read your blog everyday (while i'm supposed to be working).


  2. 'Lady Gaga goes to Superdrug to pick up some Canesten combi' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Made me spit coke all down my shirt
    this blog is too jokes

  3. ALLOW IT i just saw her blog
    shes a proper cunt

  4. Best blog post I have ever read about zoe griffin!
    Cunt is putting nicely, but pure blog cancer is right on the head!
    I beg, please add more on Zoe Griffin... we journalists love it!

  5. Love her for what she is... delusional.