Friday, 31 July 2009

You're down with PTC but are you gonna yam doe?

Here at PumTang Towers we are obviously very fond of our hooves, and as such we like them to get the love and ATTENTION they deserve.

Lil Kim knew it (I don't want dick tonight/ Eat my pussy right), Khia knew it (My neck, My back, lick my pussy and my crack) Missy knew it (Go downtown and eat it like a vulcha) and my girl Lish assures me that even MJ (RIP) knew it (Just eat it, eat it, eat it).

So guys - give ah pum a little kiss yeh?

"The revolution has begun and this guy KNOWWWSSS.

But don't worry baby - "Every little thing that we do, will be between me and you".....



  1. Was only a matter of time until this left facebook.

    Apparently the chick is only 17.

    Enjoy yo child porn mufuckaz.

  2. "Give ah pum a little kiss yeh?"

    Possibly the best pick up line ever?! (: