Monday, 27 July 2009

Recent PTC Applicants

It seems there has been popular demand from a bunch of other hoes wanting to join our sorority and the latest ladies who have shown interest in our hooves are these 2:


After a lengthy application and a serious interrogation process - including proof of hoof, hoof analysis and hoof initiation - I can safely say I think they'll make the cut. I mean, have you seeeen their dresses? These hoes are HOT. They'd be an asset to us. 
And by "asset" I may or may not mean they can be our bodyguards and beat the fucking shit out of anyone who tries to bring us down. 

We ain't goin nowhere. We ain't scurred of nuttin'. We're basically like the Pussyclart Dolls but better.


  1. 'Pussyclart Dolls'

    Why the eff&jeff didn't i think of that one?

  2. Because I'm too fast for you. Bahasically.