Friday, 24 July 2009

An ode to Collie Buddz


As we all know, Collie Buddz is like a God to the PTC. Therefore, I have written a little ditty in his honour. Listen to this song first to get a feel for the melody:

Now sing along, using our new words (only got about two verses, don't watch that):

Collie Collie Buddz
How you make me moist down there
Could it be your shaven hair?
Or just because you're really, really fit?
I think that could be it
Your heavenly physique does things
I wouldn't have the balls to sing
But while my mouth is open let's *commit*

Because your 'Private Show'
It makes me want to grind my mound
How my hoof enjoys your 'Come Around'
It does strange things you see
I can sometimes feel you watching me
I like that you can see ;)

Collie Collie Buddz
Put your lips all over me
Imagine I'm your favourite weed
And take me back to your house, let's make haste
Your arms around my waist
We're singing 'Mamacita' too
I'm grinding hard right up to you
You're spellbound by my tits, I mean my face

Now I understand
What you're trying to say to me
How you want to make a wife of me
But there's just one thing you see

You won't whore yourself 'round PTC
And that's not cool with me.

*cough* As you were.



    Yeah Mr Buddz, put out to all of us on request or FUCKKK ORRRRFFF


  2. If we don't each have a baby by Collie Buddz by the end of the year I'll eat my own hoof...
    That sounds SO WRONG.
    No Homo.

  3. That was incred. Is is only me that blogspot doesn't allow to know who wrote which posts?


  4. This is by far the funniest thing I've read/sung in FOREVER!!

  5. I'm glad you like it :)

    Gonna sing it to him when we see him, reckon it will earn me a baby Buddz.