Thursday, 23 July 2009

Daggering fi di HOOF


As lovers of bashment - aka the music that is all about hoofs -  big hoofs, little hoofs, fat hoofs, tight hoofs and every other kind of hoof known to badmankind - I thought a post about the most popular thing to engage in in the dancehalls/ramping shop, more commonly known as, "DAGGERING" would be appropriate. 

So as hexplained above "daggering" is basically grinding but to a next hype kind of level. Go on youtube and watch the videos - it is where you're practically having dry sex and where a man repeatedly bangs his erm, "member", into your batty until it breaks. No lie.

So a couple of us had the fucking brilliantly genius idea of entering a daggering act into next year's Britain's Got Talent (we better fucking win babez). It's basically gonna be members of/all of PTC, getting "daggered" on stage by a bunch of Jamaican rudeboys.

Like we needed an excuse.

So yeh here's a couple of daggering anthems for you lot to practice grinding your hoofs to:
(Ladies please note: it's best to practice with a boy so call up your local Jamaican rudeboy to come over and get daggering.)

Please vote for us when we blates reach the finals.


P.s. Any prospective daggerers apply within. Weirdos need not apply.

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