Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Cheer Up Boys

Now I've been noticing a lot of negativity and sadness on the twitter recently, namely coming from 3 big dawgs in the game:

I understand it must be really difficult waking up in the morning to a hot mami with a tiny waist and an ass like woah, reading all those zero's on your bank balance, bathing in Cristal before you put on your limited edition Kanye x Louis Vuitton sneakers and iced out chain then rolling out the yard in your blacked out Range sittin on 34"s.

CUDI I know the fame gets a bit much for you, but you'll get used to it, you're a trooper, now get back out on the field.

FAB, I'm not sure what your deal is but I miss the happy FA-BO-LO-US, get your head back in the game and sell some rekkids.

And you, yeah you DIDDY, or is it PUFFY now? Make up your fucking mind. What you so sad about? Cassie got bored of your pencil dick already? I'm sure there's a million model chicks dying to be R&B singers that would jerk you off for a six figure advance so crack a smile would you? And while you're at it take that stupid toothpick out of your mouth, it didn't catch on you toolbox. You have absolutely fuck all to be moaning about.

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