Tuesday, 7 July 2009


...is a fucking G. Whatever happened to her? Apart from being the other woman bumming Biggie that Lil Kim parred, she ended up mainly being 'that bird what had pink hair in Murder Inc'. She's cocking amazing- I'm sorry...trash tattoos, shocking pink hair, pout looks like she's permanently screwing/ trying to hold a pencil between her nose and top lip and a voice like a top end mafioso? YES...all of y'all remember this piece of summer genius too...

If you see Chuck scrounging chicken wings out of bins on the streets of Philly return her to the Pum Tang Clan please. Ta.


  1. OMG I actually LOVE Charlie Baltimore!!!

  2. Did you ever cop her solo album?
    It came out before the Murder Inc days, had tracks with Mobb Deep and your baby daddy GHOST

    I'm gonna dig it out in the morning.

  3. She's supposed to be coming out with a new CD, next year I think!