Wednesday, 24 June 2009

In my humble opinion...

Katie Price/Jordan (who ever the fuck she is today) is a DICKHEAD

No need for me to recap the latest shenanigans following her recent break up, but I just want to say a big HA HA HA to all the ladies who thought she was a 'shrewd business woman' and not an awful, inconsiderate, uneducated slag.

How can you write a biography in your twenties? All you've ever done is get your tits out and shag Z-listers. I've had better reads in club toilets.

To everyone giving her props for her various 'empires' I hope that you can see now that the moment she ignores her management (the real brains behind her success) she manages to spoil all these years of unwarranted fame in one week.


Peter, enjoy your impending super stardom.

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