Tuesday, 23 June 2009


So, I ALWAYS think of bare sick-a-lick things I’d like to invent but my technical ability stops short at changing the batteries in my iPod and checking the oil in my car. As such this is a CALLING ALL INVENTORS post. Make some of these y’all?

Twitter Teleporter – so’s I can send stuff, real solid stuff, through Twitter. Because I’m always hungry and people are Twitting about buff food and I NEED them to send me some. Oh but can it have some kind of breathalyzer attached so’s I don’t twit myself into MC’s rooms when I’m drunk and try and rape them up?

Hover Board – I’ve been waiting for this ish since Back to the Future part 1. I’d look sooooo cool on a flying board with my retro kicks on. GET ON IT!

Magic Glass – so that I can, at the press of a button, make the back window of my car say “IF YOU GET ANY CLOSER TO MY CAR I WILL BITE YOU IN THE FACE – Beeeliieee dat” Oh, and also a massive mallet on a spring like in cartoons so that if they ignore me I can shoot it out and punch their windscreen in.

Hummm…. I can’t remember any more right now, will get back to you.

Thanks in advance – holla if you need me to get you some sticky back plastic or a pritt stick to aid the process.

One love


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