Sunday, 21 June 2009

Facebook is a cunt

Sooo I know how we all love a lil casual racism... seems Fassybook has jumped on the bandwagon- "What ethnicity best matches your dating needs?" do I become a fan of this casually racist quiz and get it into 'Highlights' ??

Why are we still using Fassybook? I won't lie, I like a good stalk of an ex or that bird whose Heinz sponsored skin makes me wonder if my already brown skin needs more sun attention but I would feel so much better about subscribing to it's constant stream of shit (with people now becoming fans of air, water and breathing) if all of that bullcrap was wrapped in this neat package... We're all cunts.

Honestly wish FACECUNT was real I've tried signing in and everything...

Hmm signs that I need a job and more of an eventful weekend right hurr.


  1. hhaaaahaaaa! I'm waiting anxiously for this to crop up on my fassybook just so it will make me angry and I got summat else to whinge about.

  2. AWESOME post.